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best food dehydrator
Are you wondering:

  1. Why do you need a food dehydrator?
  2. How can you choose the best food dehydrator?
  3. How to use/operate a food dehydrator?

If your answer is YES, then I’m happy to say that I’ll be sharing tips about all these and more, right here in my blog! In fact, I’m passionate about the things this machine does! I’ve been using food dehydrators for a long time now and the best food dehydrators are those I recommend in my blog. You will also find food dehydrator reviews here.

How to Choose the Best Food Dehydrator?

  • Always choose high quality material: High quality plastic makes the dehydrator durable and long lasting. Low grade plastic tends to dissolve or melt over time and the fumes emitted can be dangerous as it seeps into food.
  • Choose a dehydrator with smooth air flow and even heating: Air flow (vertical or horizontal) used to be a major concern because it affects heat and air distribution. But, I have seen improvement in recent models in terms of design and air flow. Most models today are designed to give you even heat distribution.
  • Square for more: Should you go for a round-shaped or square-shaped dehydrator? That’s the question I get asked very often. In a way, square-shaped dehydrators have a larger surface and you can dry more food at any one time. But, if you are not planning to use your dehydrator to make large batches of fruits or beef jerky, then shape doesn’t really matter.
  • Go for a suitable size: You might like to have a large dehydrator so that you can do more in one round, but other people might want to save kitchen counter space and go for a compact size dehydrator.
  • Choose a dehydrator with temperature control: Different types of food need different temperature to dry fully. The best food dehydrator has a thermostat that allows you to adjust temperature accordingly. Also, you’ve got to consider the food quantity (the larger the quantity, the higher the energy capacity you need).

The best food dehydrator should have all the qualities above. To read the full description, check out 5 Quick Tips on How to Choose the Best Food Dehydrator.

Best Food Dehydrator Reviews

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How to Use the Best Food Dehydrator Efficiently?

After you’ve bought the best food dehydrator, you’ll want to put it to good use. Here are some tips to get the most out of your food dehydrator:

  1. Use only top grade vegetables and fruits
  2. Slice food pieces thinly
  3. Arrange food evenly to let dry
  4. Allow food to cool before storing
  5. Dehydrate food with similar categories
  6. Adjust the temperature accordingly

Check out the full description here: Simple Tips on How To Use Food Dehydrator.

Why Do You Need the Best Food Dehydrator?

  1. Prevent food wastage and cut cost: how much raw food have you thrown away due to spoilage?
  2. Prepare healthy snacks: kids love fruit snacks!
  3. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables for a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Preserve nutritional value of food: dehydration is one of the best ways to keep food.
  5. Homemade food makes good gifts: Everyone likes jerky and fruit snacks as gifts!
  6. Do more than dehydrating food: Try potpourri!

Read the full list here: 6 Reasons Why You Need a Food Dehydrator.

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Best Food Dehydrator – Brands and Top Picks

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